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Oil Rig

LNG has become a spot traded commodity in the last few years. As public sentiment and environmental interest move energy production towards cleaner fuels, and as shale gas and coal-to-gas (CTG) projects come online, spot trades of LNG will rise exponentially.

Accurate quantity measurement is crucial in the global trading of LNG. The complex liquefaction and re-gasification processes involved require that all volumes be measured with precision. SGS LNG custody transfer and trade inspection services ensure that you have reliable data to support fiscal measurement and risk management, helping to avoid systematic transit losses when transporting gas cargoes, whatever type of vessel is involved in a particular voyage.

The importance LNG trade inspection

The wide variety of trade terms in LNG contracts, including the variability of energy calculation terms, analysis methods and sampling regimes all conspire to make what would at first sight seem a trivial trade calculation very complex. SGS can both interpret and apply the terms agreed to a particular trade in an objective and fair manner.

The complex reconciliation of liquefied and re-gasified quantities of cargo requires experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure that contract terms are used correctly and that all parties have the required level of surety and transparency in trade.

Why SGS?

SGS is a world leader in the inspection and validation of all types of LNG carriers. Through our worldwide network, we supply highly trained and experienced inspectors using state-of-the-art equipment.

Find out how custody transfer inspection services from SGS can help you achieve the highest level of measurement accuracy for your LNG cargoes.

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