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What Is the Seal of Quality?

When you see the Seal of Quality displayed at a gas station, you can be certain that the fuel retailer is trustworthy and that fuel you purchase is compliant with European standards.

The Seal of Quality also confirms that the fuel is subject to regular quality inspections by SGS – a world leading provider of certification, inspection, verification and testing services to the oil and gas industry.

Any gas station granted the Seal of Quality Program must continuously prove adherence to the highest quality standards. In the event of any issue, the Seal of Quality also ensures that any complaint you make will be processed in a professional manner. In the case of any fuel quality issues, the Seal of Quality can be withdrawn from the fuel retailer.

The Seal of Quality means that:

  • The gas station takes part in the most comprehensive fuel quality program established in the market
  • The gas station sells quality fuels only
  • The gas station is subject to permanent fuel quality inspections and audits to minimize potential damage to motorists, their vehicles and the environment
  • You will receive independent support in case of any issues, with professional and objective assessment during potential warranty cases

Each applicant for the Seal of Quality is subjected to several entry audits, an initial trial period and must demonstrate proof of competence before they are recognized by SGS as a reliable and trustworthy fuel retailer.

Each gas station authorized to use the Seal of Quality symbol may post the symbol on its fuel dispensers.

SGS Seal of Quality EN 749  

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