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Regulation EU/333/2011 End of Waste for Scrap Metals certification from SGS – comply with the requirements for trading, transporting and exporting scrap metal as a product.

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Council Regulation (EU) No 333/2011 sets the criteria for determining when certain types of scrap metal cease to be waste and can be used for trade, transport and export. We will help you to ensure compliance with these criteria.

About Regulation EU/333/2011

Certification to Regulation EU/333/2011 End of Waste for Scrap Metals means that you can:

  • Trade scrap as a product
    • The price you can receive for scrap as a product is much higher than the price you can receive for waste
    • Your scrap can be sold to any legal entity, not only those with permits to operate with waste, so you can gain more business partners
  • Transport scrap as a product
    • The cost of transporting scrap as a product is significantly lower than the cost of transporting it as waste
    • You do not have to hire a company registered for the transport of waste or issue specialized documents for the shipment of waste
  • Export scrap as a product
    • You do not have to meet the requirements for exporting waste, which include issuing a separate set of documents for each change from a predefined route

This regulation states that manufacturers must implement a quality management system, based on ISO 9001, that can be used to demonstrate if certain types of scrap cast iron, steel and aluminum comply with the requirements of EU/333/2011. With the implementation and certification of such a quality management system, manufacturers can prove that this scrap metal ceases to be waste.

Why choose Regulation EU/333/2011 certification from SGS?

We are accredited by BAS to certify quality management systems under this regulation. Our experienced and qualified auditors will assist you by:

  • Performing a gap analysis
  • Conducting training on good practices
  • Independently evaluating the quality management system and issuing a certificate

Contact us today to learn more about Regulation EU/333/2011 certification.