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SGS’s brand protection and supply chain integrity services help you to maintain brand equity, protect your reputation and revenues, and safeguard consumers.

Agriculture Field

Using our international network of laboratories, we can work with you to identify the potential for counterfeiting, substitution, dilution and other criminal activities at every stage of your supply chain. Through our surveillance, inspection and authentication programs, we can help minimize these risks. Our brand protection services ensure that you realize your brand promise across all channels (supply, manufacturing, distribution, trade and retail) and with all consumers.

To verify the authenticity of your goods and commodities, we can perform brand protection audits by conducting  accurate product analyses, and comparing your reference materials to the alleged fakes, on a number of criteria.

To help protect your brand, we provide a service that adds markers to your goods at the production stage. This effectively ‘fingerprints’ your goods, allowing us to conduct random checks at critical storage and distribution points further along the supply chain. Our on-the-spot ‘yes/no’ authentication immediately alerts you to incidents of fraud or other malpractices, and we can secure custody of the chain of evidence to help you in any subsequent legal cases.

In addition to improving quality control, our brand protection and supply chain integrity services can help your organization comply with safety and environmental legislation. Moreover, this potentially helps to protect consumers and other operators.

Contact SGS now to discover how our brand protection and supply chain integrity services can help preserve brand value, protect consumers and maximize revenues.