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SGS provides emergency response services that help you deal efficiently and safely with incidents that threaten the public in some way.

FSMA food safety

Thanks to our global network, we operate in over 60 languages and offer emergency response planning and related services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At any stage along the supply chain, our food safety emergency response teams can provide rapid food testing services, as well as the following emergency response management services:

  • Product, factory, store or restaurant inspections and  audits
  • Review of existing emergency plans and procedures, including mock recalls
  • Factory, in-store and restaurant sampling
  • Monitoring and verification of product recalls
  • Testing – including microbiological and chemical

These services are particularly important in circumstances where actions are needed immediately to determine the correct response (e.g. to stop a shipment, shut down a production line and/or issue a recall notice). The situations that may generate such a response include those where:

  • A food product is suspected of being contaminated by chemicals, food-borne pathogens or an allergen
  • A foreign object has been discovered within the product
  • An issue arises with the labeling of a product and/or its packaging case, before exportation or importation
  • A product is detained by a government agency at the border/point of import 
  • A customer has reported a potential food-borne illness relating to your product

Wherever and whenever an incident occurs involving a health or safety risk, you can call upon our dedicated local team(s) of responders to offer a prompt and efficient response. Each team member has received comprehensive emergency response training and can help support your business, safeguard your customers and protect the general public.