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SGS’s organic food certification services ensure regulatory compliance and enhance brand value, while safeguarding the environment and satisfying consumer demand for organically produced foods.

FSMA food safety

Organic products are valued, not only for their production methods, but also for the strict control to which they are subjected. The soil, the origin of the seeds, the control of pests and diseases, the processing, the storage, the distribution, the packaging – all these stages are controlled by Control Bodies (OC), recognized for this purpose. Thus, the production and labeling of organic products in EU markets follow a rigorous certification process. The visible mark, the European Union logo, has been mandatory on organic products from European producers since July 2010. The products’ place of origin must be shown to inform consumers. This logo can be accompanied by national or private logos.

In addition, audits are used to confirm the non-use of:

  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Harmful chemicals, such as products and substances made via chemical synthesis
  • Hormones, antibiotics, and growth stimulators used in animal production

Wherever you are within the food supply chain, your organization can benefit from our globally available services and participate in this continuously growing market. Our highly qualified auditors are qualified to perform audits according to European Union Regulation 2018/848.

SGS certification

Preparation, production, distribution and every other operation in the organic production chain requires annual inspection and certification.

The organic products that we certify may use the designated organic standard logo. This can help to distinguish your product in the market and add brand value, as consumers will be assured that the products they are purchasing are authentically organic.

Contact SGS now to find out how our organic food certification services can ensure regulatory compliance and satisfy your customers around the world.