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SAS (Service Allérgie Suisse), a specialist company focusing on prevention and information in the field of allergies, asthma and skin, has developed the AHA standard (Allergie, Haut, Asthma) which determines the system, process and product related general requirements for the production of goods that are identified with the SAS quality label.

FSMA food safety

SGS provides comprehensive, globally recognized Allergen Management System  (AHA) Certification that ensures your compliance with this important allergen management program.

SGS is a leader in food allergen testing and allergen risk assessment. An SGS Allergy Management System (AHA) certificate demonstrates your commitment to meeting legislative requirements and customer needs for allergen management. During the certification process, you will learn how to communicate your proper allergen management through clear, complaint labeling, thereby increasing consumer confidence in your product. The industry standard knowledge gained through the process can be easily combined with other food safety and quality audits with only a few additional steps required.

The AHA Standard includes three basic product categories based on your products’ levels of allergens or risk of potential exposure to allergens during the manufacturing process. The AHA Standard defines the minimal requirements for the allergen management system that you must comply with in a proven manner to enable that the goods be identified with an SAS quality label.

You can easily combine compliance assessment with the AHA standard requirements with any existing food safety and quality audit with only few additional steps required. Highly trained and knowledgeable SGS auditors work with you to ensure that your organization meets the requirements of the AHA Standard by:

  • Verifying that your products are properly identified and handled in such a way as to avoid contamination from non-compliant products
  • Ensuring fully-documented traceability of your products
  • Implementing the legally required training and self-monitoring at your facility
  • Guaranteeing auditor access to your plant, warehouse and documentation

Contact SGS to learn how you can mitigate your risk of litigation and demonstrate your commitment to effective allergen management with Allergen Management System (AHA) Certification.