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Verify that your suppliers meet your organization’s quality, food safety, environmental, occupational and social responsibility requirements with vendor performance management.

FSMA food safety

SGS helps retailers, wholesalers, distributors and food service companies conduct a food vendor audit program to independently assess compliance across the supply chain.

SGS can perform food service audits against your chosen criteria to ensure that your suppliers are maintaining and improving the standards that you have set for them.

Whether you are establishing cereal suppliers for your private brand line or cheese suppliers for your fast food chain, we can help. Our auditors have the food industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization. We are also immediately operational at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop equivalent internal resources, improving your efficiency and profitability. The SGS Vendor Audit program helps your organization: 

  • Validate or qualify a supplier
  • Achieve an increasingly compliant and consistently performing supplier network
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Protect and enhance your brand(s)
  • Have more sustainable vendor and customer relationships

Wherever you are located, our auditors will deliver the value that has made us the world’s preferred certification body and independent assessor. SGS’s food supplier audit services help ensure your brand is protected and practices remain consistent throughout your organization’s network.